About Us

The Legacy Purpose

At Legacy, we are committed to our Pillars of Performance. We believe that when we focus on our four Pillars, we can achieve our Purpose. While our purpose may shift slightly based on the specific needs of a client, ultimately, our team is passionate about positively impacting the lives of as many people as possible, by improving the quality of care provided.

Our foundational Pillars of Performance are People, Product, Process, and Plan.

We believe that everything starts and ends with People.
We must have the right people to allow for high-level execution; our people are our difference. We commit to finding the right Collaborator for each project and thrive on helping our people and clients grow personally and professionally.

We then focus on the Product.
A quality product is needed to keep customers and referral sources coming back for more. Little difficulty comes with making a sale or obtaining a referral, those with a quality product will secure long-term business. We understand that improving a product in the ultra-competitive post-acute space may be the difference between survival and closing doors. We are here to enhance the product of our clients.

The Process becomes incredibly important as we move to identify opportunities and implement change.
We clearly define our process throughout our time together. Whether by a single assessment or helping to refine sales, admissions, or discharge processes, we work with your team to understand the purpose, resources, responsibilities, timeline, and drivers. We have found that a smooth process leads to early adoption, continued support, and sustainability.

Finally, we arrive at the Plan.
When we unite the right people, a solid product that meets market needs, and a comprehensive process for identifying opportunities, that Plan nearly writes itself and we are led to the elimination of threats and supporting the execution of strategy. Over time, we have found that as we focus on our Pillars of Performance we always end in the same happy place, fulfillment of our Purpose! We want to create a Legacy that changes an industry, and we hope that our organization can fill a chapter in your story, as you will certainly do in ours.



We must have the right people to allow for high-level execution


A quality product is needed to keep customers and referral sources coming back


Understand the purpose, resources, responsibilities, timeline, and drivers


Eliminate threats and support the execution of strategy


  • Focus is on the most valuable asset, People. In order to create a sustainable Plan, we must ensure your team feels supported by our team, developing trust. We approach everything with a People > Profits & Collaboration > Competition attitude.
  • Passionately focused on industry improvement and care-setting advancement.
  • Team of Collaborators that have all built careers from the center-level up to the executive suite. Previously serving as CNAs, Admissions Coordinators, Clinical Liaisons, Social Services Assistants, Floor Nurses, Directors of Nursing, and Executive Directors.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the interdependence of distinct disciplines.
    • Quality cannot improve without investments in our staff. We cannot invest in staff without revenue. Revenue does not grow without census. Census does not grow without staff. Ultimate Quality is the ability to simultaneously grow and sustain all areas.
  • Dynamic data partners – Our partners provide the ability to consume large amounts of useful information and convert it into strategic plans for the team to execute. Data allows our team to focus resources on areas that will provide valuable impact for your staff, residents, and operation. Data gives us the playbook; we help to develop and execute the plays.
  • Physician partnerships – We work directly with physicians that are exclusively focused on the post-acute space. We believe provider engagement and Medical Director support to be crucial differentiators for the team. We have joined forces with some of the best in the business and they understand how to improve the overall quality of a home and/or portfolio as a whole.

Collaboration Services

Monthly Collaboration

  • Continuous Collaboration
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Strategy Support
  • Marketing Design
  • Interim Leadership placement
  • Data analysis
  • Strategic plan development
  • Support executing strategies
  • Specific to the discipline of choice

Single Agreement Collaboration

  • Keynote speaking
  • Training & Education
  • Comprehensive overview of discipline selected
  • Clinical Quality assessment
  • Market Strategy assessment
  • Leadership assessment
  • Operational & Financial Assessment