LEGACY Culture University

Welcome to Legacy's Culture University - Your Gateway to Transformative Post-Acute Care Culture

Why Culture University? At Legacy, we understand the vital role that organizational culture plays in the success of post-acute care. Our Culture University is a dynamic program designed to provide a glimpse into our unique approach, leaving you eager to discover more.

The Culture Task List Our foundation rests on the Culture Task List (CTL), a distilled wisdom gathered from top post-acute leaders. This list emphasizes five key qualities:

  • Building Trust with Staff
  • Clear and Consistent Communication
  • Building Meaningful Relationships with Staff
  • Celebrating Victories
  • Having FUN - Stacking Wins Remember, you have to win each day to stack up victories and create a positive culture over time. The CTL, like a Power List, ensures intentional focus on critical tasks beyond daily obligations.

The Culture Task List Approach Adapted to our care setting, the Culture Task List acknowledges the 21-day habit formation and 42-day results timeline. Focusing on critical tasks consistently is crucial for success. It shifts the focus to the process, preventing burnout, and keeping you on track. Apply this principle to your Culture Task List for transformative results.

The Culture University LEGACY Program Our program, encapsulated in the LEGACY acronym, embodies the essence of building a strong organizational culture:

  • L: Listen, Learn, & Lead
  • E: Empathy – Connect to their WHY
  • G: Grace – Safe to Fail
  • A: Accountability – Promote what you permit
  • C: Collaborative Communication
  • Y: Yay & You – Celebrate and take care of yourself Our program is your guide to achieving a desired state of excellence in post-acute care culture.

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