LEGACY Sales Training

Transforming Challenges into Sales Excellence

Welcome to Legacy Healthcare Consulting, where we bring a unique focus to Sales Training in the post-acute care setting. Our tailored program is designed to empower your sales teams and drive success, guided by our foundational Pillars of Performance: People, Product, Process, and Plan.

LEGACY's Sequential Sales Model

Chris, with over 20 years of healthcare industry experience and specific expertise in the post-acute space, leads our Sales Training program. He built the following sequential sales model in order to meet the demands of referral sources, sales professionals, clinical leaders, and operational stakeholders.

  • Learn - gaining a comprehensive understanding of your prospect
  • Engage - connecting with your prospect in a meaningful way
  • Gather - obtaining pertinent information to validate needs and solutions
  • Application - presenting your solution in a collaborative manner
  • Convert - moving a prospect from their current solution to your offering
  • Yes - some people call this CLOSING the deal, getting to YES!

Aligning Sales Training with Pillars of Performance

Our Pillars of Performance guide every aspect of our work, ensuring a comprehensive approach to Sales Training:

  • People: Building the right team for successful execution.
  • Product: Enhancing the quality of your product for long-term success.
  • Process: Defining and refining processes for seamless operations.
  • Plan: Developing a strategic plan that aligns with market needs and execution.

Why Legacy?

  • Proven Industry Impact: Chris's partnerships have created positive changes in the post-acute care setting.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored Sales Training that aligns with the unique dynamics of post-acute care.
  • Pillars of Performance: Guiding our work to ensure excellence in every aspect.

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with Legacy

Transform challenges into opportunities with Legacy Healthcare Consulting. Schedule a complimentary conversation and empower your sales teams for success.

  • Data-Driven Analysis
    • Market Intelligence Evaluation: We kick off by conducting a thorough analysis of all data related to market intelligence.
    • Performance Benchmarking: We study the performance of local peers and referral sources to understand market dynamics.
  • Identifying Opportunities
    • Exploration of Areas of Opportunity: We explore and identify areas of opportunity in the markets you serve.
    • Solution Spectrum: Our solutions range from niche clinical programming to fostering Medical Director and provider engagement.
  • Collaborative Discovery
    • Aligning Needs with Passion and Capabilities: With your team, we collaborate to discover what local healthcare systems need.
    • Aligning Passion and Capabilities: We determine how to align those needs with the passion and capabilities of your staff.
  • Efficient and Effective Implementation
    • Capitalizing on Strengths: Our team focuses on capitalizing on strengths while efficiently eliminating weaknesses and threats.
    • Interdisciplinary Awareness: Recognizing the interdependence of each discipline, Market Strategy is designed to embrace and enhance the success of every aspect of your organization.
  • Purposeful Business Development
    • Satisfying Stakeholders: Our purpose is to develop a type of business that satisfies staff, residents, families, owners, operators, and investors alike.
    • Holistic Success: We ensure that success in Market Strategy translates to positive impacts across all aspects of your post-acute care business.

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