"Chris Ross is the single greatest marketing tool we have ever used. If he had not worked himself into a well-deserved promotion, and if we could subsequently afford him, we never would have allowed him to leave. In fact, we termed his success the 'Cross Effect,' as seemingly everything he touched became more successful.

From his first day as our SWAT assessor, he put the entire team at ease and promised to work with us toward a common, successful goal. Chris began his assessment at the top and probed continually deeper until a detailed Root Cause Analysis provided a blueprint of our operation. From there, we launched into the community, touching old contacts and creating new ones. At all times, Chris presented himself as a consummate professional, able to parlay all aspects of our business and weave a mutually beneficial vision of the future. As such, he made an indelible impression on those he met, one which persists months after his departure.

The truest test of any Business Development Venture is whether the success continues after the professional departs. In our case, we have sustained increased census numbers and have even crept into previously untouched highs. In rare instances when we begin to sink, we simply ask ourselves, 'What would Chris Ross do?'

Perhaps the most valuable asset Chris brought to our table was his ability to marshall our forces toward a common goal. With previously unthinkable dedication, all departments focused on increasing our census, and the facility succeeded wildly. We underwent a paradigm shift in our thinking, and Chris Ross was at the root of it.
It is with the greatest pride and pleasure that I stand behind Chris Ross. His work, the 'Cross Effect,' speaks for itself."

Christopher Williams, Administrator

"I strongly recommend Chris Ross and Legacy Healthcare Consulting if you are looking to positively transform your business and experience unprecedented success! Having served as a Division President and a Chief Operations Officer for two large skilled nursing providers, Chris served as my keystone hire and partner in both scenarios to help lead fast, significant, and sustainable business performance improvement turnarounds.  Chris is the total package and a dream partner as an operator!  He understands and appreciates the importance of being a strategic partner and providing tangible value and results to operations.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the healthcare landscape and very skilled in adapting and thriving in a constantly changing and evolving business environment.  Chris is excellent at identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent and promoting a winning culture.  Most importantly, Chris has a compassionate heart, competitive drive, and genuine passion in helping others wildly succeed beyond their expectations.  Chris truly is the 'secret to success' and the 'ultimate competitive advantage' through his ability to inspire you and others to reach new heights. A partnership with Chris Ross and Legacy Healthcare Consulting will guarantee you success and the ability to create your legacy!"

Wayne, COO

"Chris Ross and Legacy Healthcare Consulting have a comprehensive understanding of the senior care industry and possess the ability to give you and your team the competitive advantage you are looking for. Working directly with Chris over the past several years, I personally witnessed him grow to become a premier leader in the LTC space. Chris has the unique ability to create a culture of quality, accountability, and teamwork. During his time with our organization, we entrusted Chris and his team with a massive 60-facility division that was challenging geographically, as it spans 9 states and all 4 time zones. Through their collaborative approach his division finished the year 20 million dollars ahead of budget, with the majority of that revenue resulting from census growth. Chris’ approach transcends market and facility limitations, he implements a proven process focused on your people, your product, and sustainable performance. I highly recommend working with Chris and his team in order to create and solidify your own Legacy!"

David, SVP Business Development

"I worked with Chris Ross for over a decade and witnessed his rise in ranks from healthcare Sales Representative to Vice President of Sales. I worked with Chris, side by side, in an executive capacity in several markets that include Colorado, Texas and California. In each market, Chris earned the trust and respect of many C-level executives, which allowed him to succeed in each of those markets, both in small towns and large cities. His strong business acumen and his dedication to his work, has made him one of the most effective and trusted businessmen in the healthcare market today!

A couple of Chris Ross's best attributes are his outstanding knowledge of the Healthcare industry and his ability to develop effective strategies to keep up with the ever-changing federal healthcare laws and regulations. With the constant change in federal regulations that have dramatic effects on nursing facilities, SNF and hospital reimbursements, it's imperative for a company to be well-versed on ways to adapt to these changes and develop the best strategies for your business! This is Chris's forte and the reason why Legacy Healthcare Consulting was formed.

Chris Ross is a well-trusted consultant that has earned my confidence in his ability to identify, compose and execute a strategic plan for your business to succeed in the changing healthcare environment of today."

Carlo, VP Business Development

"Teaming up with Legacy has proven to be highly beneficial for homes who want to achieve and maintain the highest quality of care.  The best collaborations are built upon bringing the best in the industry together and Legacy offers experienced collaborators who strive for an exceptional level of clinical sophistication.  We are excited to provide the data they need to create and execute on meaningful insights in order to improve quality of care."

Colleen Muncy, Founding Partner, StarPRO

“The team at Legacy are solely focused on ensuring they meet their client’s goals. In working with them on a roll-out plan that would improve the care delivered to our residents, the team at Legacy developed a comprehensive strategy including print materials, open communication, and critical information that would assist our center teams through the transition. With their talent and dedication, I look forward to working with them more in the future.”

Kristin Mueller, Sr. Director of Communications

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Ross and members of the Legacy team in various capacities, for over a decade. While many organizations want you to believe that they can provide multiple layers of support, Legacy is one of the few groups that delivers. Legacy’s diversity in experience provides their customers with multiple solutions to any challenges they face. Legacy creates collaboration among departments of an organization to achieve financial success while improving the patient experience. Understanding this as a key strength, I worked with Legacy while they rebuilt the trust, sales and admissions process of our sales and marketing department, they absolutely delivered.

On a larger scale, Legacy has the ability to bring multiple organizations together to join forces, add value and ultimately grow revenue. Legacy has the ability to provide solutions to physicians that are looking to expand their practices, Assisted and Skilled Nursing Facilities needing guidance in a challenging care environment, Accountable Care Organizations seeking the right partnerships, and small consulting companies looking to grow. As an executive in the space of Long-Term Care there are few problems that I face that Legacy could not provide a solution for. Legacy delivers the value most organizations are currently missing. If you are looking for innovative solutions, collaborative leaders, and a competitive advantage, I would highly recommend working with the leaders at Legacy."

Mike Oxford, COO Sun Mar