StarPRO - StarPRO was founded on the belief that innovative tools, data-powered insights, and radical transparency can create a positively measurable impact on the quality of care provided in skilled nursing facilities across the county. The StarPRO team believes that data tells the true story. Leading operators/owners will strive to understand the story behind that data, while Elite operators will work to change their story, thus creating a LEGACY!

Legacy has found a life-long partner in StarPRO. Dedicated focus on improving quality is the foundation of all relationships built here at Legacy. Our mission is to improve Quality through Collaboration. We believe there is no better way to achieve this than to understand current performance, areas of opportunity, create an executable plan to improve weakness, and to continue to monitor and measure that plan, leading to accountability and producing sustainable outcomes. The StarPRO team has created a platform that allows you to actively measure performance compared to your local and national competitors while aiming to identify true opportunities around clinical outcomes, regulatory compliance, and financial performance in terms of reimbursement and occupancy. A strong playbook is a necessary tool to start, but in order to execute the plays an elite quarterback must be enlisted, just ask the Patriots. Legacy supports the team in developing leaders able to take advantage of the data, and improve clinical & regulatory outcomes, while increasing revenue through reimbursement and occupancy. The average annual revenue per bed of a 1-Star center is $82,000. A 5-Star center operates at a revenue per bed of $120,000. Quality pays. It is a well-known fact that centers with elevated survey outcomes pay less fines, have higher occupancy, and do a better job of expense control. We utilize the StarPRO playbook to help you execute and create sustainable improvements across all disciplines. This is one of the many ways of how we help improve quality through collaboration.

Oak Medical on-site Physician ServicesOak Medical provides comprehensive medical care and leadership in long-term acute care hospitals, acute rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities and senior living facilities, that delivers improved access to care with efficient and cost-effective services. Residents in post-acute settings often have complex and ongoing healthcare concerns across the spectrum that require careful, personalized attention. Oak Medical clinicians provide just that, working as a team collaboratively to ensure each aspect of the resident’s health is addressed. Oak Medical offers residents, their families, and facilities a single touchpoint that simplifies treatment coordination and ensures no detail is missed.

Legacy and Oak Medical have teamed up with the common goal to improve access to quality care beyond the walls of the hospital. Over the past decade, the clinical complexity of residents and patients in the post-acute setting has increased substantially. Acute care hospitals minimize costs by reducing the length of stay in their setting and by preventing patients from returning unnecessarily. Subsequently, hospital systems across the country heavily rely on their post-acute partners in order to discharge patients quickly and keep them from readmitting. When a center can assist the hospital in accomplishing these goals, it becomes a valuable partner. Census grows and the clinical complexity of the residents increases, leading to improved reimbursement and revenue opportunities. Success is created with physician led and engaged provider effort at every level. Legacy and Oak Medical work together to ensure local teams meet and exceed increasing demands of their biggest referral sources, creating the confidence to expand clinical capabilities, increase admissions capacity, appropriately extend or reduce length of stay, and help residents avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. Oak Medical is exclusively focused on the post-acute setting and understands the challenges we face daily. This is evident by their specialty service lines of wound care management, psychiatric services, respiratory care, and senior care services. These areas provide some of the greatest challenges and opportunities. Oak and Legacy recognize how to ensure the team takes advantage of these opportunities and mitigates risks. Partnering with Oak Medical and Legacy leads to provider engagement, improved efficiencies, and enhanced capabilities. All contributing to improved clinical, regulatory, and financial outcomes for our customers.