Our philosophy is simple, the ability to create our Legacy is only achieved through helping you create yours. We take the approach that your business is ours and we want our team to function as an extension of yours. Our team is comprised of Collaborators that have individually built their careers from the center-level up. We provide value to all shareholders, from direct care staff to the distant investor. Attributable to our experience and dedication to improving quality, communication, industry knowledge, and the passion to move our care setting forward.

With a Legacy Collaborator, you will feel the Legacy difference. We care about your Legacy as much as our own. Solutions are tailored to meet your needs and those of the team as a whole. We are relentless in ensuring our Collaborators are a strong match for our clients not only in skillset, but in personality and approach. We intend on becoming an asset to the team through trust, transparency, and collaboration.

With respect to each discipline, we will assign a Collaborator with years of industry experience that has encountered large-scale success, ranging from center-based assignments to large regional providers, to national organizations. Many have held Chief-level positions with recognizable national providers, bringing immeasurable expertise to the team. We look forward to supporting new and existing clients.

We are about you. Your needs and aspirations are our motivation to work harder, uncover new solutions, and develop innovative strategies, together. We are invested in your Legacy. Whether creating one or protecting what has been built, we are here to enhance and support your vision.

Chris Ross

Chris Ross

Founding Member

Lindsay Carlson

Director of Creative Design