Christopher Williams, Administrator

“Chris Ross is the single greatest marketing tool we have ever used. If he had not worked himself into a well-deserved promotion, and if we could subsequently afford him, we never would have allowed him to leave. In fact, we termed his success the ‘Cross Effect,’ as seemingly everything he touched became more successful.
From his first day as our SWAT assessor, he put the entire team at ease and promised to work with us toward a common, successful goal. Chris began his assessment at the top and probed continually deeper until a detailed Root Cause Analysis provided a blueprint of our operation. From there, we launched into the community, touching old contacts and creating new ones. At all times, Chris presented himself as a consummate professional, able to parlay all aspects of our business and weave a mutually beneficial vision of the future. As such, he made an indelible impression on those he met, one which persists months after his departure.
The truest test of any Business Development Venture is whether the success continues after the professional departs. In our case, we have sustained increased census numbers and have even crept into previously untouched highs. In rare instances when we begin to sink, we simply ask ourselves, ‘What would Chris Ross do?’
Perhaps the most valuable asset Chris brought to our table was his ability to marshall our forces toward a common goal. With previously unthinkable dedication, all departments focused on increasing our census, and the facility succeeded wildly. We underwent a paradigm shift in our thinking, and Chris Ross was at the root of it.
It is with the greatest pride and pleasure that I stand behind Chris Ross. His work, the ‘Cross Effect,’ speaks for itself.”

Business Development Collaboration