Ep. 11 – Navigating Quality Improvement Efforts with Colleen Muncy of StarPRO

Welcome to a riveting episode of Pillar Talk! In this episode, Chris engages in an insightful conversation with Colleen Muncy, the Managing Director & Founder of StarPRO, bringing over two decades of expertise in healthcare finance and quality improvement to the table. Dive deep into the world of StarPRO, a powerful tool designed to craft your playbook for elevating quality in post-acute healthcare settings.

“Delivering quality healthcare is an extremely complex process that is under-appreciated.”

Colleen Muncy

Join Chris and Colleen as they unravel the significance of data in the post-acute care landscape. The duo explores the crucial role of data transparency in aligning various stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding. Delve into the evolving landscape of data in post-acute care, with a spotlight on CMS intensifying its data collection efforts and enhancing public accessibility.

The conversation extends to leadership, addressing the challenge of avoiding “paralysis by analysis” in the face of abundant data. Colleen sheds light on the necessity of automation to navigate the demanding schedules of leaders, ensuring they stay ahead without drowning in the deluge of information.

“Data awareness is not optional.”

Colleen Muncy

Tune in to gain valuable insights into leveraging data, enhancing transparency, and embracing automation for effective leadership in the ever-evolving post-acute care setting.