Ep. 12 – Creating Accountability

In this episode, Chris dives deep into the often elusive world of accountability. Drawing from his personal experiences, especially during his time in the Army, Chris explores the different phases of accountability and how it shapes individuals, particularly in the post-acute care setting. He reflects on his own journey, transitioning from being held accountable by drill sergeants to eventually holding himself accountable—a pivotal step in personal and professional development.

Chris shares valuable insights on creating a culture of accountability within teams, emphasizing the importance of promoting what you permit. He introduces the concept of “compassionate accountability,” a delicate balance between maintaining standards and fostering a caring environment. To make accountability more achievable, Chris outlines a three-part framework: setting clear expectations, providing necessary tools, and modeling the desired behavior. By sharing these personal and professional perspectives, Chris aims to empower building a culture of accountability in post-acute care settings.