Ep. 13 – Growth Day

In the latest episode of Pillar Talk, Chris dives deep into the theme of growth, offering invaluable insights for post-acute leaders navigating the stressors of the holiday season. Drawing inspiration from Stephen Covey’s circles of control, influence, and concern, Chris provides a practical framework for optimizing personal development. Emphasizing the importance of focusing energy on the circle of control, he discusses how aligning thoughts, words, actions, and self-care in this innermost circle can lead to greater happiness and empowerment. The episode delves into three key areas essential for positive impact: prioritizing physical and mental health, identifying and managing stressors through intentional categorization, and curating a supportive circle of humans who inspire and challenge personal growth. Tune in to Pillar Talk for actionable strategies to foster resilience, manage stress, and embrace growth during the holiday season.

Resources mentioned during this episode: