Ep. 15 – Revolutionizing Behavioral Health in Long-Term Care with Dr. Norris

In the latest installment of Pillar Talk, Chris takes the helm as he sits down with Dr. Norris, the CEO of Deer Oaks Behavioral Health. This dynamic episode unveils Dr. Norris’s journey into the realm of behavioral health and her deep-rooted commitment to the intersection of mental well-being and long-term care. Dr. Norris candidly shares her early ventures in psychology, the shift toward the business side of behavioral health, and the realization that addressing the unique challenges of long-term care is not merely a profession but a heartfelt calling.

Throughout the engaging conversation, Dr. Norris shines a light on the often underestimated aspects of behavioral health within the long-term care landscape. She underscores the pivotal role of on-site behavioral health clinicians, the hurdles of seamlessly integrating mental health care into daily operations, and the evolving dynamics of behavioral health in the post-acute care sector. This insightful dialogue not only offers a deeper understanding of the critical role behavioral health plays in the well-being of long-term care residents but also reflects an ongoing commitment to seamlessly incorporating mental health into the broader framework of patient-centered care.