Ep. 19 – License to Sell with David Hardwick

In Pillar Talk’s captivating Episode 19, titled “License to Sell,” Chris engages in a dynamic conversation with Mr. David Hardwick, a seasoned professional with over a decade at the helm of Sava Senior Care’s sales force. The episode promises valuable insights into the world of leadership and sales professionals, particularly in the post-acute care setting.

Listeners are in for a treat as Chris and David delve into their shared history, sharing anecdotes and achievements from their time at Sava. The episode unfolds as a journey through the intricacies of establishing a robust sales organization and the secrets behind Sava’s success in the post-acute care industry.

David’s wealth of experience shines through as he discusses the challenges and triumphs of creating a high-performing sales team. The episode goes beyond surface-level discussions, offering a deep dive into the strategies that propelled the sales force to excellence. The engaging conversation covers topics ranging from the fundamentals of sales as a profession to the creation of a culture of accountability and excellence.

Packed with valuable lessons, humorous stories, and actionable insights, Episode 19 is a must-listen for anyone interested in the dynamics of sales in the long-term care and skilled nursing care setting. Tune in to “License to Sell” and unlock the secrets to building a successful sales organization in the challenging landscape of post-acute care.

If you’re interested in learning more about leadership, accountability, and creating a culture of excellence this episode is for you!