Ep. 22 – Bringing Big Energy to Post-Acute Care: Chatting with Lori Koeppel

Dive into a riveting conversation between Chris Ross and Lori Koeppel, RN, BSN, NHA, DNS-CT, WCC, a nursing advocate and influential figure in post-acute care. In this episode, they unravel the post-acute care challenges, triumphs, and untapped energy of the care setting.

Discover Lori’s journey, from nursing to advocacy, and explore the transformative initiatives she spearheads. Gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of post-acute care, touching on topics like mental health, substance disorders, and the changing demographics of care recipients.

In this engaging dialogue, Lori shares her experiences, wisdom, and strategies for elevating the standard of care in the post-acute care setting. From navigating regulatory landscapes to fostering a supportive community, the episode covers it all.

Key Highlights:

  • Lori’s inspiring journey from nursing to advocacy.
  • Tackling the challenges of mental health and substance disorders in post-acute care.
  • The evolving role of post-acute care facilities in catering to diverse clinical complexities.
  • Strategies for nurse empowerment and ongoing education.

Why Listen? Whether you’re a healthcare professional, administrator, or simply passionate about enhancing post-acute care, this episode is a must-listen. Gain unique perspectives, learn from real-world experiences, and join the movement to make a positive impact on the post-acute care setting.

Be Part of the Change! Don’t miss out on this dynamic conversation that promises to inspire, educate, and spark change in the post-acute care landscape. Tune in, share with your colleagues, and contribute to the journey of making post-acute care better for all.