Ep. 27 – 75 Hard & Me – 10 Lessons in Mental Toughness

Pillar Talk Episode Cover - 10 Lessons in Mental Toughness from 75 Hard

In the latest Pillar Talk episode, Chris dives into the profound impact of mental toughness on personal development and success. The episode revolves around ten key lessons Chris learned through the 75 Hard program, emphasizing mindset shifts and strategies for achieving excellence.

Prepare to ignite your inner fire and conquer your journey to greatness with these ten lessons in mental toughness. The time for transformation is now!

  1. Subtraction equals addition.
    Embrace the power of shedding negativity to make room for growth and positivity. It’s about letting go to level up.
  2. Time is currency.
    Time isn’t just a resource; it’s your most valuable asset. Invest it wisely, and watch your goals materialize.
  3. Failure is feedback.
    Flip the script on failure. It’s not a roadblock but a stepping stone towards improvement and resilience.
  4. Discipline creates the avenues for everything else.
    Discipline forms the foundation for success – it’s the key that unlocks doors to new opportunities and consistent progress.
  5. Physical benefits.
    Discover how mental toughness translates into tangible physical gains, from fitness to overall well-being.
  6. Your energy matters.
    Harness the power of positivity and unwavering determination. Your energy sets the tone for success.
  7. We are perfect little liars.
    Break free from self-deception and excuses. Embrace accountability and honesty to unleash your full potential.
  8. Change your relationship with time.
    Transform your relationship with time. Maximize productivity and seize each day with purpose.
  9. The invisible influence.
    Your actions and mindset influence not just yourself but everyone around you. Lead by example and inspire greatness.
  10. Burn the ships!
    Commitment isn’t a half-hearted effort. Burn bridges and sail forward with unyielding dedication to your goals.

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