Ep. 30 – JAWS Program with Chrissy Swanson & Penny Whitney

Chris with JAWS program founders, Chrissy Swanson and Penny Whitney

In a dynamic conversation filled with passion and purpose, Pillar Talk welcomes special guests Chrissy Swanson and Penny Whitney to delve into the innovative JAWS program. This groundbreaking initiative, tailored to the long-term care sector, embodies core values of collaboration, culture, and relationship-building. Our conversation explores the genesis of JAWS and its pivotal role in addressing the pressing question: “How do we get to the point where we’re providing our residents with the care they deserve?” Through insightful listening sessions and strategic partnerships, Chrissy, Penny, and their colleagues crafted a visionary program aimed at reshaping the future of post-acute care.

JAWS emerges as a multifaceted solution, engaging students in career exploration while fostering experiential partnerships with long-term care providers. The passion of the JAWS students is palpable as they embrace the opportunity to be part of a team and interact meaningfully with residents, recognizing the mutual benefit of these interactions. With a nod to Legacy’s ethos of continuous improvement, Chrissy and Penny discuss plans to scale the program beyond El Paso County, taking a bite out of the long-term care workforce challenge on a broader scale.

Throughout the conversation, the resonance of the key phrases “collaboration,” “culture,” and “relationship” underscores the program’s ethos. As Pillar Talk listeners are invited to journey through the origins and evolution of JAWS, they gain insight into an initiative that not only empowers future leaders in post-acute care but show their commitment to innovation and excellence. With each student’s experience contributing to the rich tapestry of JAWS, the program emerges as a beacon of hope, inspiring change and driving progress in the long-term care landscape.

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