Ep. 36 – We the People

soldiers walking with helicopter overhead

In this special Memorial Day episode of Pillar Talk, titled “We the People,” Chris skips the usual introductions to dive straight into the heart of what Memorial Day truly signifies. Often confused with Veterans Day and Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day is dedicated to honoring and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Chris, a veteran himself, shares a deeply personal story from his time in Baghdad, Iraq, shedding light on the immense sacrifices made by our service members.

Chris recounts his experience as a medic in Baghdad’s emergency room, also known as Baghdad ER, where he and his team worked tirelessly to save lives in the midst of war. He vividly describes the scene, the smell of iron from the blood-stained marble floors, and the camaraderie among the medics, nurses, and doctors as they prepared to treat the wounded. This episode brings listeners into the intense environment of a combat support hospital and the relentless dedication of those who served there.

As Chris tells the story of Memorial Day 2006, he emphasizes the bravery and selflessness of American soldiers who were willing to lay down their lives for their fellow citizens. He details the harrowing moments when multiple US casualties were rushed into the trauma units and the miraculous survival of the eight service members they treated that day. Chris’s narrative is a poignant reminder of the true meaning of Memorial Day and the incredible sacrifices made by our armed forces.

Chris also reflects on the broader significance of Memorial Day, urging listeners to pause and remember the freedoms we enjoy today are because of those who paid the ultimate price. He calls for unity and appreciation for all Americans, regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs, under the banner of “We the People.”

Tune in to this heartfelt episode of Pillar Talk to hear Chris’s powerful tribute and gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices that shape our nation.