Ep. 8 – Honoring Veterans

In this special episode of Pillar Talk, we pause to reflect on the upcoming Veterans Day, a time to honor and thank those who’ve served our great nation. Chris, a veteran himself, takes a deeply personal journey as he shares his own story and experiences in the armed forces.

With recent tragic events involving veterans, including mass shootings and struggles with mental illness, substance abuse, and PTSD, Chris sheds light on the pressing issues faced by the veteran community. He emphasizes the unfortunate lack of resources available to veterans when they return home, shining a light on a system that often falls short in meeting their needs.

The flag is a symbol of freedom that should be a great sense of pride and we should honor it with hard work and helping our neighbor and trying to be the best version of ourselves so that America can be the best version of herself.

Chris recounts his own path to service, initially driven by a sense of duty sparked by the events of 9/11, but mostly focused on giving himself structure. His journey through the armed forces was a path of self-discovery, where he learned profound lessons about life and death and the value of human connection. It was during deployment that he met his wife, Cathy, and together, they gained a unique perspective that continues to shape their lives.

If you want to honor a veteran, honor them by being the greatest version of yourself because they – veterans have made some sacrifices. They have done these things to allow you the freedom, the environment, to be the best version of yourself.

But this episode is not just about personal stories. Chris implores us to take action and honor veterans by coming together as Americans. The key is to respect one another’s diverse perspectives and recognize the privilege we have to live in a land of liberty, thanks to our veterans.

Most importantly, Chris emphasizes the need to support veterans as they are a vulnerable population without adequate resources. He invites us to honor them by being the best versions of ourselves, as they sacrificed to ensure our freedoms. By thanking veterans and simply being there to listen, we can let them know that they are not alone, that their voices are heard, and their sacrifices are deeply appreciated.

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