Ep. 9 – Culture Task List

In Episode 9 of Pillar Talk, Chris delves into the importance of of cultivating a positive and thriving culture within the post-acute care setting. Recognizing the challenges brought to light by COVID-19, particularly in staffing, Chris considers the government’s proposed mandates, the scarcity of available personnel, and the impact on care quality. We believe a way to respond to these challenges is by using a powerful tool, focusing on culture improvement – the Culture Task List.

Chris emphasizes the pivotal role of culture in attracting and retaining top-notch staff. Drawing inspiration from role models like Andy Frisella and Ben Newman, Chris introduces the Culture Task List (CTL) —a daily commitment to building trust, ensuring clear communication, fostering meaningful relationships with staff, celebrating victories, and injecting fun into the workplace.

Listeners are encouraged to engage in self-reflection about their current culture and take inspiration from thought leaders like Andy Frisella and Ben Newman. Chris shares the rules for success—consistency, resilience, and understanding the ongoing nature of the journey. Tune in to learn how this powerful tool can transform your post-acute care setting, one cultural task at a time.

Resources mentioned in this episode: