Mike Oxford, COO Sun Mar

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Ross and members of the Legacy team in various capacities, for over a decade. While many organizations want you to believe that they can provide multiple layers of support, Legacy is one of the few groups that delivers. Legacy’s diversity in experience provides their customers with multiple solutions to any challenges they face. Legacy creates collaboration among departments of an organization to achieve financial success while improving the patient experience. Understanding this as a key strength, I worked with Legacy while they rebuilt the trust, sales and admissions process of our sales and marketing department, they absolutely delivered.

On a larger scale, Legacy has the ability to bring multiple organizations together to join forces, add value and ultimately grow revenue. Legacy has the ability to provide solutions to physicians that are looking to expand their practices, Assisted and Skilled Nursing Facilities needing guidance in a challenging care environment, Accountable Care Organizations seeking the right partnerships, and small consulting companies looking to grow. As an executive in the space of Long-Term Care there are few problems that I face that Legacy could not provide a solution for. Legacy delivers the value most organizations are currently missing. If you are looking for innovative solutions, collaborative leaders, and a competitive advantage, I would highly recommend working with the leaders at Legacy.”