In care settings full of challenges – some that literally mean the difference between life and death – it is considerable to identify one above the rest as the biggest of those challenges. Today, it is unfortunate that staffing challenges have earned that title. The capacity to attract and retain quality staff for the post-acute care setting has been a consistent challenge. The past few years have taken a fragmented system and pulled it clean apart. As an operator, the inability to appropriately staff centers has a cascade effect of negative impacts. Without staff, centers cannot grow census and without census, revenue will not grow. Without staff, residents are at risk of poor care delivery and centers are at risk of regulatory violations that result in significant fines and tags.

Legacy wants to assist in positioning you as an employer of choice in the market, with both prospective employees and current staff alike. Our R&R Collaboration option will include an overview of current openings, practices, online presence & reputation, hiring process, wage analysis, response time, staff interviews, and leadership support. Legacy has proven methods to help attract and retain top talent in the market, offering the foremost way to set yourself apart from the competition. In the leadership building process, we are equipped to place interim leaders in key positions in order to stabilize the operation and ensure a smooth transition to new leaders.

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