David, SVP Business Development

“Chris Ross and Legacy Healthcare Consulting have a comprehensive understanding of the senior care industry and possess the ability to give you and your team the competitive advantage you are looking for. Working directly with Chris over the past several years, I personally witnessed him grow to become a premier leader in the LTC space. Chris has the unique ability to create a culture of quality, accountability, and teamwork.

During his time with our organization, we entrusted Chris and his team with a massive 60-facility division that was challenging geographically, as it spans 9 states and all 4 time zones. Through their collaborative approach his division finished the year 20 million dollars ahead of budget, with the majority of that revenue resulting from census growth. Chris’ approach transcends market and facility limitations, he implements a proven process focused on your people, your product, and sustainable performance. I highly recommend working with Chris and his team in order to create and solidify your own Legacy!”

Business Development Collaboration