Wayne, COO

“I strongly recommend Chris Ross and Legacy Healthcare Consulting if you are looking to positively transform your business and experience unprecedented success! Having served as a Division President and a Chief Operations Officer for two large skilled nursing providers, Chris served as my keystone hire and partner in both scenarios to help lead fast, significant, and sustainable business performance improvement turnarounds. 

Chris is the total package and a dream partner as an operator! He understands and appreciates the importance of being a strategic partner and providing tangible value and results to operations. He is extremely knowledgeable about the healthcare landscape and very skilled in adapting and thriving in a constantly changing and evolving business environment. Chris is excellent at identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent and promoting a winning culture. 

Most importantly, Chris has a compassionate heart, competitive drive, and genuine passion in helping others wildly succeed beyond their expectations. Chris truly is the ‘secret to success’ and the ‘ultimate competitive advantage’ through his ability to inspire you and others to reach new heights. A partnership with Chris Ross and Legacy Healthcare Consulting will guarantee you success and the ability to create your legacy!”

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